S1NO.1Style SSNI-287 AV Retirement THE FINAL 240 Minutes Real Document!A Day Trip Without Directing


Kyou Tsujimoto attractively beautiful and glittering with slender waist bowls decided to retire AV! Retirement is a two-part composition of a day trip of SEX excitement of 5 years of thought, and AV actress · Anjo Tsujimoto, all lifting SEX. Forget the camera Private SEX !? Hypnosis collapses! Characters collapse!? Full drunken explosion in the inland! Explosive mysterious Angi’s nature! This is Slender pretty girl FINAL FUCK !!!!

華奢で細い腰が弓なりにしなるイキっぷりが美しく魅力的な辻本杏がAV引退を決意!引退作は5年間の思いを語り尽くすSEX三昧の日帰り旅とAV女優・辻本杏、すべて解禁SEXの2部構成。カメラを忘れイキ乱れるプライベートSEX!?催眠でキャラが崩壊!?完全泥酔でインラン爆発!?ミステリアスな杏ちゃんの本性が暴かれる!?これがスレンダー美少女のFINAL FUCK!!!!